5 Best Online Payment Gateway For Your Business

Do you have a business online and you’re thinking of a perfect payment gateway to send and receive money?

Do you want to use a payment gateway on your online business that everyone globally can have access to?

Then this article is for you!

Today we are in a global era were businesses isn’t limited to a position or place.

Business has grown beyond a location to virtual.

Many top successful businesses now boast of hitting millions of dollars with 100% profits from the web.

But wait, there’s a major problem here; how does this businesses receive and send payments online?

Lol that’s why we wrote this piece to guide you on the easy steps, please stay tuned.


What are Online Payment Gateways?

Online Payment Gateways are payment channels used by buyers and sellers to pay and receive payments online.

In most cases sellers fix their prices on a particular currency e.g dollar. This means the set a price of a commodity in dollar and the buyer, regardless of the country currency pays for the commodity in dollar.

Due to convenience some sellers open up for buyers to pay in their own local currency but this is very rare as it may be of inconvenience to most sellers depending on the country of the buyer.


5 Best Online Payment Gateway For Your Business

Before choosing a payment gateway here are somethings to consider

* How safe is the payment gateway?

* How many buyers use and trust this payment gateway?

* How much fee is charged per transaction and can I or my buyers be convenient with it?

That’s it, after reading the above points to consider while choosing the gateway’s to use for your business it is advised you put all those into consideration.

1. PayPal

Yes don’t be surprised that PayPal is the first on our list.

PayPal has been on existence for many years and has built alot of trust over the years.

PayPal is very convenient for both buyers and sellers as it has a prepaid wallet were you can easily send or receive money.

You can receive payments from your buyers from PayPal by sending an invoice to them or opening up for them to use their credit card or PayPal balance to purchase.

PayPal also offers subscription plan, which means your buyers can subscribe to a plan and be charged depending on the package you are rendering.

2. Webmoney

Webmoney is a Russian based virtual wallet that supports sending and receiving money with ease.

Webmoney is made available in almost every country and doesn’t have strict restrictions.

Webmoney wallet can be funded via credit card or bank balance.

3. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency which is a digital currency is also one of the most flexible payment method to use for your business.

With a crypto wallet you can mass send or pay money with ease.

Crypto wallets are secured and safe to use without any limitation.

The only downtime with crypto is the dipping of coin that may produce a little loss.

4. Google Pay

Google pay is another perfect payment gateway that’s allows registered Google users to shop using their credit card.

Google pay is 100% safe as it is owned by Google which is the leading tech company in the world.

Google pay also offers a subscription plan that allows your users to conveniently subscribe to your package and be able to cancel any time.

5. Payoneer

Payoneer is a leading virtual wallet that is a must have to all internet specialist.

What makes Payoneer so unique is that it offers a virtual USA, Uk and European bank account with details which enables you to send and receive money to those accounts with ease.

You can also conveniently exchange the currencies to another.

The downtime with Payoneer is that the minimum amount per transaction is 50 dollars ($50) this may be bad for small businesses that trade below that price but it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a big brand and you sell above $50.

Currently as of when this article was written Payoneer has a $25 signup bonus so rush now and get a Payoneer account.

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