5 Popular WordPress Plugins You Need To Use In New Blog

Hello readers welcome to arewarmu.ng blog, in this article I’m going to reveals you best WordPress Plugins everyone need to start with as a beginner or intermediate.

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that plugins take your WordPress blog to the next level as they make your blog to function effectively without overwhelming majority issues.

Plugins can add new or extend exiting functionality to your blog with the use of software that plugs in to your WordPress blog.

Today there are over fifty thousand plugins according to statistics in WordPress plugin directory.

Some of these plugins are totally free and accessible to every WordPress user, while other have both free and paid features which requires users to buy premium in order to enjoy all plugin features.

Therefore, for the purpose of this post, I will focus on five plugins to start WordPress blog in an effective and efficient way.





Classic editor is among the most popular WordPress plugins and indeed among the top prerequisite for every new WordPress blog.

Classic editor was recently replaced with block editor but due to some of it unique features, people still prefer to use classic editor.

Unlike block editor that contain elements to use in the layout, classic editor is very similar to Microsoft Word, that is why even me written this I prefer to use the old classic editor.


In real life situation, security is the prerequisite to enjoy all other essential things, which brings the issue of Jetpack as WordPress security plugin.

The plugin is trusted by many with over 5 million WordPress sites using Jetpack. The plugin measures security and performance and also serve as a marketing tool for many across the world.


Almost all WordPress users are familiar spam comment issues, where many intruders use to post some kind of unnecessary comments in the WordPress blog.

Akismet spam protection plugin use to check all the blog comments and contact form submission to prevent the blog from publishing malicious contents.


Search Engine Optimization is the crucial part of delivering effective blog services to the various search engines where everyone need to consider.

Yoast SEO covers all these services and make it to the most popular SEO WordPress plugin with over five million active installers all over the word.

With Yoast SEO you simply optimize your blog and get high rank in the search engine..


It is crucial to have an effective way of communication with your blog followers to receive every sort of information. Contact form 7 gives use an opportunity to create multiple forms for the readers to easily contact you to get information they need.

Finally, that’s it for today hope I have made everything clear for you. If you have any question feel free to ask in the comment section and don’t forget to share this post. Thank you