7 Daily Habits of High Performing Students

Good Students usually have some unique habits that differentiate them from other students in the academic environment.

To be a high-performing student there are certain habits you need to adhere to.

High-performing students are those who can be able to regulate their own learning, modify, and monitor their behavior using metacognition, motivation, self-awareness, and self-efficacy to reach the desired learning outcome.

However, if you want to be a high-performing student, you need to focus daily on some specific habits that will change your life to be more productive.

These habits will be explained below in this post;



  • Have a Productive Daily Routine
  • Surround With Good Students
  • Limit Distractions
  • Ask for help
  • Engage in Group Discussion
  • Stay Organised
  • Take Good Notes

1. Have A Productive Daily Routine

The first habit you need to install for yourself if you want to be a high-performing student is to have a daily routine.

Having a productive daily routine will help you to achieve your daily goals.

Additionally, your daily routine should include the time of the study, workout, time of attending lecture or class, time of waking up in the morning e.g 6 am, time of study in the night, and time of sleeping.

Therefore, having an effective daily routine will nake you to organize yourself on plan and consequently remove all some forms of confusion and distractions.


2. Surround Yourself With Good Students

High-performing students are often surrounded by good students in order to benefit from one another.

It’s therefore important to surround yourself with good students if you want to develop the habit of becoming a productive student.

Read the same way good students and other professionals do, later you will find yourself in a high-performing student level.


3. Limit Distractions

Distraction surely reduces the performance of a student to be weak.

Therefore all forms of distractions such as music, noise, mobile phone, television should be avoided during the time of the study.

It’s difficult to find a high-performing student with a distractions mechanism, they know how to avoid them.


4. Ask For Help

Asking for help, especially on things you don’t understand will make you perform better in the academic environment.

High-performing students always focus on asking for help when it comes to something they don’t understand.

Sometimes they use to search for the explanation of difficult concepts on Google to have more understanding.


5. Engage in Group Discussion

Group discussion is making students be more productive through sharing different ideas based on their ways of understanding.

Some students often found it difficult to understand lectures in class or lecture rooms but through group discussion with folks students easily understood everything discussed in their lecture room or class.

Therefore if you want to be high performing student at school don’t underestimate the power group discussion.


6. Stay Organised

Organizing oneself in a designed way of learning often increase increase the chances of becoming high performing student.

If you want to be high performing student you have to make yourself accountable for problem-solving activities.


7. Take Good Notes

Note taking is another crucial habit of high-performing students and consequently makes them be more productive than other students.

It’s important to note all necessary learning activities.



Many students fail because they’re not accountable for what they are supposed to do.

Developing the habit of becoming a productive and performing student is easy to any student who is serious.