How To Get Approved For Monetization Youtube Channel

Hello readers, YouTube, due to its continuous modifications to its policies, the ability to monetize by the content creators are becoming something complicated.

People often don’t take to create precious content that complies with YouTube partner program (YPP) policies.

YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) gives creators greater access to YouTube resources and features like direct access to our Creator Support team. It also enables revenue-sharing from ads being served on your content.

Many people are suffering from building their YouTube Channel to get approved for monetization. However, there are so many things they are required to follow before they become YouTube Partners.

In recent years before the YouTube update, the criteria for getting were more straightforward than the current situation as it’s complicated.

So nowadays, from 2019 to now, there are substantial additional policies that YouTube introduced that strictly require every creator to comply and respect them.

There are Monetization criteria that every creator should meet before joining the YouTube Partner Program.


Furthermore, the criteria stated that you must have at least 1000 active subscribers and 4000 Watch hours within 12 months before you become eligible to join YouTube Partner Program.

After meeting the requirements, the YouTube specialist will look into your channel and decide your monetization status.

If your channel is approved, congratulation; you can now enjoy YouTube Partner Program, and you are now eligible to monetize your videos and make income from them.

However, if the YouTube specialist disapproves of your request, you need to review all your content and upload new videos with the full right of ownership.


How To Get Approved For Monetization

The following techniques will help in getting your YouTube Channel into YouTube Partner Program;

  1. Make sure your uploaded videos are created by you and have full ownership rights.
  2. It is also essential to upload videos that don’t violate YouTube Policies.
  3. Ensure to make changes edit, or delete contents before your channel gets reviewed.
  4. Don’t upload your videos to another channel even if you are already approved in YouTube Partner Program.
  5. Use sound that YouTube gives you in the YouTube library, or create your sound. This means don’t use copyright sound In your videos.

These are some of the policies you must follow before applying Monetization on YouTube because they engage in continuous policy updates about monetization and other YouTube features.

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I hope this guide will help you get your channel monetization in 2022.